Navigating through the intersection

Navigating through the intersection

At every intersection, there’s a choice.

Which direction are you going to go? Is it down the tried-and-true, familiar path? Or are you interested in embarking on a new adventure by opting for a road not yet taken?

At The Grant Partners, we strive to help you find a way to better understand — and navigate — that intersection.

As a trusted advisor to leading private equity owned companies, Fortune 500 organizations and professional sports teams, we have the privilege to help candidates reach that intersection where talent and skill meets one’s passion and purpose. Choosing your path from there will enable you to embark on a professional journey that not only makes the best use of your abilities, but also empowers you to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

What do we mean

Let’s keep this simple. How do we define talent and skill? They are those natural abilities and acquired competencies that enable you to do your job and do it well.

How about passion and purpose? This is the motivation and desire inherent in you. It’s your answer to “why” — why do you do what you do, why do you find joy in your role.

Two potentially contradictory traits, right?

This is why we believe it’s so important to truly understand this intersection because just relying on one of those traits — passion and purpose or talent and skill — could lead to a path where you may not take advantage of all you have to offer. For instance, let’s say you thrive in communications and take a job in an industry that doesn’t interest you. You might be able to do all the necessary tasks, but you also could prove to be unsatisfied with what you’re doing.

Likewise, if you lean too hard into a passion that exceeds your own personal talents, you could set yourself up for failure. You may enjoy painting on the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you should open up your own art gallery.

Our approach

Finding that balance, the sweet spot, is integral to our approach to executive search. As a trusted advisor, we partner with our clients to understand everything about them. Yes, we help identify talent needs, but we also want to know what makes your culture. What drives people to be a part of your organization and keeps them engaged.

This enables us to seek out and build relationships with candidates who not only have the competency you need but will thrive in the environment and culture you’ve worked so hard to build.

We do this by embracing assessments. We’ve partnered with one of the leading assessment firms in the country to better identify the strengths of an individual, making use of these tools and resources to get a better, more intimate understanding of each candidate we work with.

We also employ a service-oriented model to our search, cultivating meaningful relationships with candidates allowing us to better understand their hopes, goals and passions.

This enables us to better know those gifts inside of you and the competencies you’ve honed over years of education and work, but it also allows us to identify your passion and align it with your talents.

It enables us to help you navigate that intersection.

When you reach it, what choice will you make?